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    A milkshape IPA with added lactose and vanilla pods to bring out extra richness and creamness.  Its smooth and creamy texture will remind you of a delectable vanilla milkshake or a new-york style cheeseecake.  An easy-drinking beer you'll definitly love to have on-the-go.
    2 Freres - Milkshake IPA
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    The infusion of peaches and mangoes combined with cold hopping give this IPA powerful aromatic and candy-sweet notes.
    2 Freres - New England IPA
    from $5.45
    The WOW! is a unique alcohol-free NEIPA that will knock your socks off. The exciting blend and its meticulously assembled hops and malts are close to the taste of a real alcoholic NEIPA. With its strong pinneaple kick and its malt finish, you will exclaim without hesitation... WOW!
    Bazaar - WOW - New England IPA
    from $6.95
    This IPA radiates citrus fruit from the moment you pour it to the second you finish the last sip with a satisfied sigh. The bright, sharp twist of bitterness at the end makes you want to dive back in for one more.
    Big Drop Brewing - IPA Paradiso
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    The Découverte is a perfect symbiosis between the biting freshness of a good American IPA and the previously tasteless universe of alcohol-free beers. Undoubtedly the best of both worlds.
    Bockale - La Découverte - IPA
    from $4.95
    Alcohol-free and unfiltered, this India Pale Ale has everything to please Boréale enthusiasts and IPA lovers. Brewed with the craftsmanship of our master brewer Gabriel, this thirst-quenching beer is overflowing with hops and can be enjoyed at all times.
    Boreal - Hors sentier - IPA
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    With a rich malty and floral flavor, this crystalline non-alcoholic blonde offers cereal accents that evolve into a hoppy aftertaste of great aromatic fullness.
    Brasseur de Montreal - Griffintown - Blonde Ale
    from $4.95
    An American-style hopped non-alcoholic IPA with a sharp bitterness and bright citrus notes. Proud and robust, like the Sainte-Hèlène's island (Montreal) lighthouse.
    Brasseur de Montreal - L'Amer - IPA
    from $4.95
    Brewed to emphasize their taste, this non-alcoholic IPA feature delicious malt and hops notes thanks to a process that maximizes the expression of flavours. This slightly malty IPA has a distinct bitterness with aromatic and bittering hops that will please IPA lovers.
    Brasseurs du Monde - Radical IPA
    from $5.95
    This IPA has all of the grapefruit treble notes of his stronger sibling, Elvis Juice. Followed by a chorus of orange and pine, loud citrus flavors groove on a solid malt base foundation, giving the hop aromas a stage to shine for an all-night show.
    Brewdog - Elvis - Grapefruit IPA
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    Low alcohol just got juiced up. And Hazy AF lives up to the hype. All the attitude, all the flavor but none of the alcohol. Say hello to the juiciest alcohol free near beer in town. Tropical fruits and grassy notes mix it up. Oats and wheat unite for a smoother ride. Full flavor, low alcohol, all out New England.
    Brewdog - Hazy - IPA
    from $3.95
    No alcohol just got Punked up. And Punk AF lives up to its billing. All the attitude, all the flavour but none of the alcohol. Say hello to the Punkest non alcoholic beer in town. Juicy tropical fruit mixes it up with grassy and pine notes. All sitting on a solid malt bass line. Full flavour, no alcohol, all Punk. Punk AF - Punked up alcohol free beer.
    Brewdog - Punk AF - IPA
    from $3.95
    A moderately bitter IPA that won’t have you gritting your teeth. Aromas of citrus and passion fruit brought on by Galaxy hops. A lightly cloudy yet silky body. Smooth beer for feeling light-hearted, never light-headed
    BSA - Smooth IPA
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    Staff Pick
    Deliciously bewitching, this hoppy elixir releases fresh scents reminiscent of tropical fruits and citrus. Still just as fruity and exotic, both supple and fresh, it ends with a sweet bitterness.
    Grande Allée - Funambule - NEIPA
    from $4.95
    Upside Pick
    Grande allée - Nord Star - Intense hopping IPA
    from $4.95
    This one is a black hoppy beer. Darker malts impart roasted flavors that often contrast with the floral, citric and pine flavors of the hops. You like your beer strong, bold and hoppy? Then just go for it!
    Grande Allée - Nord Star - IPA Black
    from $4.95
    An IPA with 29 calories and 6g of carbohydrates. Beer with prominent hops and characterized by hopping.
    Grande Allée - Nord Star - Low-calorie IPA
    from $4.95
    This beer does not need alcohol to sing its ode to hops. Its rich texture and intense flavors of tropical fruits will satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs, whatever the reasons that take you to sweet and sweet shores.
    Grande Allée - Nord Star - Tropical IPA
    from $4.95
    A non-alcoholic IPA brewed with barley, wheat and oats, with added hops, and a wonderful silky body.
    Grands bois - Petite pause - IPA
    from $5.95
    Gruvi - Juicy IPA
    from $3.95
    This floral India Pale Ale offers aromas of peach, pineapple, apricot and citrus. The use of premium American hops helps create a coarse yet balanced bitterness that will leave none indifferent.
    Hickson - IPA
    from $4.45
    Let yourself be tempted by this alcohol-free, generously hopped IPA. Refreshing golden with complex aromatic fragrances. To taste without moderation!
    La Voie Maltée - La Raisonnable - IPA
    from $5.95
    A balanced IPA bursting with tropical aromas and flavors of tropical fruits and mango.
    Libra - Hazy IPA
    from $3.95
    On the borders of the celestial paradises, this mysterious elixir has been concocted, the purity of which has been the subject of many chivalric conquests. Now it's your turn to discover this sumptuous golden liquid signed Maltco.
    Maltco - Bluffeuse - IPA
    from $4.95
    A gentle morning starts with a gentle evening! The extra light matinee is an alcohol-free ipa that gives you all the pleasure of an ipa with powerful aromas of fresh hops. An IPA without alcohol, but above all without compromising on the richness of flavors. All made possible thanks to a yeast specially adapted to this type of beer.
    Raz l'bock - Matinée - IPA
    from $5.95
    For those times when your life and your body demand maximum efficiency, without you having to deprive yourself of sharing a good beer with friends.
    Siboire - Discipline IPA
    from $7.95
    Packed with hops, this West Coast-style floral IPA offers notes of tropical fruit and citrus. Its sustained and balanced bitterness will give you a fresh and distinct finish that will push you to take another sip.
    Sober Carpenter - IPA
    Galaxy Hops are known for their powerful tropical and citrus aromas, and that's exactly what you'll find in our Organic IPA session. An intense aromatic profile, with a slight bitterness on the finish.
    Sober Carpenter - IPA Bio
    St-ambroise - IPA
    from $4.95
    The creation of the brewery is distinguished by a more fruity profile which rounds off the bitterness of the hops, a happy decision which allows it to offer a certain length in the mouth. Unlike many non-alcoholic IPAs on the market, we are inspired here by New England IPAs, minus the roundness of the alcohol, of course.
    Trèfle Noir - Sagesse - IPA
    from $5.45
    A can full of flavor and pleasure! Fun House is a fruity and flavorful New England IPA for anyone who likes good beer without drinking alcohol.
    Vandestreek - Fun House - New England IPA
    from $4.95
    In this alcohol-free beer, the fruity flavors of hops combine with grapefruit. The spicy and refreshing fruit goes perfectly with the bitterness of this IPA. vandeStreek does it again with a new alcohol-free creation of which he alone has the secret.
    Vandestreek - IPA Pamplemousse
    from $4.95
    A non-alcoholic IPA beer brewed with 5 types of American hops. This gives the beer flavors of citrus fruits, tropical fruits as well as a nice bitterness. The Playground has a lot of character and a roundness in the mouth that will make you doubt its rate of less than 0.5%.
    Vandestreek - Playground - IPA
    from $4.94
    Lighter, yet hop-forward and flavorful, our alcohol-free IPA was made for mid-hike pick-me-ups and chairlift cheers-ing.
    Zero Brewery - IPA Zero - 4 Pack
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