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    Ariel - Cabernet Sauvignon - Red
    In the glass, the non-alcoholic Merlot from the pen of Artis reveals a brilliantly shimmering crimson color. The first nose of Merlot non-alcoholic flatters with notes of blueberries, blackcurrants and mulberries. The fruity aspects of the bouquet are complemented by even more fruity-balsamic nuances.
    Artis - Red - Merlot
    De-alcoholised Wine from France. For non drinkers or perhaps slimmers. It has about half the Calories of a typical Merlot and less than 0.5% alcohol. The palate is surprisingly wine like with some fruit character, because the wine has been dealcoholized by using 'spinning cone' technology that preserves much more wine character than is usual in alcohol removal processes.
    Bon voyage - Red - Merlot
    A nice fruity alcohol free red wine typical of a table wine. It is clean on the palate and has a long finish. The nose is raspberry and red currant like a Baco Noir.
    Carl Jung - Cuvée - Red
    The home of Cabernet Sauvignon is in Bordeaux. However, Australia has found great success growing it, especially in the regions of Coonawarra and Margaret River. These Cabs balance the dark, rich fruit that Cab is known for with flavors of mint and eucalyptus.
    Delight - Cabernet Sauvignon - Red
    FRe - Cabernet Sauvignon - Red
    A rare Organic non-alcoholic wine with high intensity aromas of red fruit, pepper, smoke and light leater trace. Its is very pleasant on the palate with good structure that reveals wild berries and prune flavors.
    Fuenteamor - Red - Organic Tempranillo
    A strong aroma of plum, cherry and blueberries is followed by a flavour profile that is light, soft, fruity. Produced from the grape variety Syrah and craft using traditional winemaking methods, the alcohol is gently removed by a physical process while preserving the wine´s delicate aromas and flavours.
    José Maria Da fonseca - Red - Syrah
    A charming, easy-drinking Southern French red, one of the world's best-selling French wines. A youthful, ruby red colour. Shows an intense nose of spices, smoke, prune and coffee beans with delicate licorice, herb and spice notes. Dry, medium bodied, with balanced acidity, supple tannin and spiced, ripe fruit flavours.
    JP CHENET - Rouge - Cabarnet Syrah
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    With a beautiful and intense ruby red color with brilliant reflections, Les Cocottes 0% Merlot is a non-alcoholic drink with delicate aromas of red fruits. On the palate, it stands out for its freshness, youth and balance that know how to delight the most demanding palates.
    Les Cocottes - Red - Merlot
    This non-alcoholic wine is a dry to medium low alcohol Cabernet Sauvignon showing excellent balance of  acidity and tannin levels and fruit flavours.
    Loxton - Cabernet Sauvignon - Red
    Upside Pick
    With a deep, dark cherry color, this ‘alcohol-free’ treat is full of fruity notes that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. You’ll sure love the intense character and sensual, spicy aromas.
    Sangre De Toro - Red- Syrah
    It has a ruby red color, with black berries aromas and a touch of vanilla. In the mouth is fruity and soft with a medium body
    Sinzero - Red - Cabernet Sauvignon
    This Rosé is produced from Carignan grapes and shows a pale salmon color with floral and red fruit aromas. In mouth, the wine has a fresh palate with strawberries, blackberries and cherry fruits.
    Sinzero - Rosé
    Smoky Bay is a rich and silky wine from the Australian terroir. Dark cherry red color, aromas of candied berries with a hint of mint. Rich, round palate with ripe berry flavors, hints of spice and a soft, pleasant finish
    Smoky Bay - Red - Shiraz 0.0%
    Beneath the deep ruby red color of this full-bodied wine hides a perfect marriage of the best grapes from our northern Spanish vineyard. Well-structured, it is the cool climate of the region that gives this wine its dark color and its aroma of spices, mint, ripe plums and blackcurrants.
    St. Régis - Red - Cabernet Sauvignon
    Made in Spain from 100% Tempranillo grapes, the Teetotaler Red delivers a dry, full bodied wine.
    Teetotaler - Red - Tempranillo
    Torres Natureo Syrah is a very high quality red wine with an alcohol content of 0.5% and exceptional flavour. Surprisingly, it was the first de-alcoholised red wine in Spain.
    Torres Natureo - Rouge - Syrah
    Vendôme is an alcohol-free red wine made from a red merlot grape variety, with small black berries, grown on limestone soil in the La Mancha region under the Spanish sun. Ruby in color, dark and dense, the Merlot offers a superb aromatic palette.
    Vendôme Mademoiselle - Red - Merlot
    This Cabernet Sauvignon is produced using a dealcoholization process. This process makes it possible to eliminate the alcohol at low temperature in order to maintain the bouquet and the fragile aromas while preserving the typical character of the grapes of this variety. It is then mixed with the juice of the unfermented Cabernet Sauvignon.
    Vi-no Ze-ro - Red - Cabernet Sauvignon
    Merlot is the quintessence of a ‘drinkable’ red wine. Redolent of fruit and medium-bodied, a good Merlot is always appropriate…and always enjoyed. And Hill Street’s Vin(Zero) Merlot is no exception to this simple truth!
    Vin(zero) - Red - Merlot
    From a beautiful trellised vineyard on the southwestern banks of Spain’s Duero River, this delicious Spanish red wine is brimming with classic Tempranillo flavours that every red wine lover craves. The Win secret is combining traditional Spanish winemaking with their patented chemical-free alcohol removal process.
    Win - Red - Tempranillo
    Win - Red - Tempranillo 12 Month Oak Barrel Aged
    Win - Red - Tempranillo 12 Month Oak Barrel Aged