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10 items

    10 items
    Let yourself be surprised by this non-alcoholic version of a great classic, the Amaretto Sour. With its delicious tangy notes and its good almond taste, this beverage will make the success of all your aperitifs. To be consumed alone or in good company!
    Atypique - Amaretto Sour
    À partir de $4.75
    Barrfly - Pina Colada
    À partir de $3.75
    Bulwark - Cidre sans alcool
    À partir de $4.25
     A new-school take on an old-school classic. It’s a simple yet delicate blend of RumISH, lime and raw sugar. We spent countless hours exploring just the right mix of the three, finally obtaining that perfectly balanced sweet & sour cocktail experience.
    ISH - Daïquiri
    À partir de $5.95
    This drink will appeal to lovers of Rum & Coke. Just like your favorite cocktail, it features intense flavors of spiced rum that will transport you to the south. Be warned, the taste is out of this world! 50% less sugar than a cola type soft drink.
    Atypique - Rhum épicé & Cola
    À partir de $4.15
    We took the most alcoholic cocktail of the 90s to make it a non-alcoholic one! It looks like iced tea, but it tastes like Long Island.
    Drav - Thé glacé Long Island
    À partir de $2.95
    Sober Carpenter - Cidre artisanal
    À partir de $3.95
    If Tom Collins had really existed… We think he would have really appreciated this twist. Guided by a faithful and easily recognizable dry gin aroma, this mocktail has tangy and resinous notes that we owe to the juniper berry and brings an ultimate freshness breathed in by the lemon. A hint of spice seals it all for a sparkling and warming experience.
    Encanette - Tom Collins Citron
    À partir de $3.95
    Highball - Whisky Gingembre
    À partir de $4.45
    Combine sparkling white wine, elderflower, sparkling water and mint leaves, and you have an alcoholic Hugo. Discover the alcohol-free interpretation of the Hugo cocktail for an everyday holiday atmosphere.
    Night Orient - Pétillant - Hugo