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    Find the taste of summer in a can! Enjoy this classic refreshing cocktail with grapes and citrus notes. You can either drink it in a pitcher with ice cubes and orange slices or directly from the can. At 75 calories and 18g of sugar per can, it meets the non-too-sweet criterias established by Atypique.
    Atypique - Sangria Rouge
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    This Sangria starts with a infusion of orange and lemon peels, capturing the freshness of these fruits. Notes of juicy peaches and red wine transport you to the south of spain!
    Clever Mocktail - Sangria
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    Encanette - Sangria Rosée
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    Encanette - Sangria Blanche
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    ENJOY - Sangria 0%
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    Gruvi - Sangria
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    Our friends at Mocktails uniquely crafted have scoured the slopes of the Chianti region of central Italy in search of the best Sangiovese grapes for our Sansgria. A subtle, sophisticated and not too sweet version of sangria that transports you to Seville, sitting outside on a hot summer night.
    Mocktails Uniquely Crafted - Sansgria
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    Carlos Pepito Bella Sangria has the rich ruby color and authentic taste profile of classic Spanish wine, but without the alcohol. With a fruity bouquet of citrus and orange, it is a guaranteed success in a simple cocktail or accompanied by a meal.
    Pepito - Sangria
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    This is a non-alcoholic sangria drink made with wine grapes, essence of lemon, cane sugar, and carbonated water, and is crafted by the same people who make the wildly popular Jarritos soft drinks. So if you’re looking to getting your sangria on without the alcohol, look no further!
    Señiorial - Sangria
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